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The history of pharmaceutical associations in Nigeria dates back to 1927, when the pioneer “Association of Dispensers” was founded. Since then that pioneer association has grown. In a way, she has become the ‘big mama’ for a number of associations for practicing Pharmacists and pharmacy students PSN was indeed born in 1927, registered under section 21 of the 1922 Companies Act. The Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria was closely related to two other early pharmaceutical organizations.

The Association of Dispensers which existed from about 1924 to about 1935. The Association of Dispensers was founded in 1927 to cater for the professional service and interests of her members Prominent among the early officers were Dr. K.T.E. Phillips and Mr. N.O.A. Morgan.

The Nigerian Union of Pharmacists which existed from about 1946 to the early 60’s and was formed primary as a trade union to cater for the interest of her members, who were mainly dispensers. It was registered as a trade union in 1949. It organized a number of successful trade dispute in 1951, 1955 and 1960. Among its early officers were G.I Oviasu, O.I Akinkugbe and Ekeng.

Obviously, from this, the Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria was a viable proposition by 1927. Dr. Richard Zachaeus Bailey had opened the first chemist shop along Balogun Street in Lagos in 1887. According to official records, the first Nigerian Pharmacist, Mr. Emmanuel Caulcrick, was registered on the 1st September, 1902. The first female Pharmacist, Mrs. Ore Green, was registered in 1919. The Timi of Ede, who later became a medical doctor qualified as a Dispenser in 1914. Chief Hunponu-Wusu qualified in 1922. Pharmaceutical education started in 1899. Between  1925 and 1927, a medical college had taken root embracing the schools of pharmacy and medicine under the principalship of Dr. Gordon Taylor, a medical doctor and Mr. Arthur, a Pharmacist. Therefore, by 1927, there arguably existed a sufficient quantity and quality of dispensers or Pharmacists to put together the PSN.

However, for several years, the Society was run more or less like a one-man business. Annual Conferences were not organized as we know them today. Records were haphazardly kept. But between 1947, when Mr. T.K.E. Phillips appeared on the scene as the first recorded Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria President, and 1971, when Chief A.O Ransome-Kuti died while serving as PSN President, there had been a marked progression in pharmaceutical education and advances were made in professional status. The Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria changed in structure and management accordingly.

Because the Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria came as an offspring of the Association of Dispensers; therefore it could still trace its birth to 1927. This new name, PSN was assumed in 1939. As you all know, Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria is a professional association. It was set up to provide good quality pharmaceutical services to cater for the interest and welfare of her members. PSN was presented a golden chain of office (worth #30,000) in 1969 by the Welcome Foundation Ltd. London. The chain is for the office of the President of the Society (PSN).

The motto and anthem is “As men of Honour, we join hands”. The objective of such a motto is clearly implied. This motto was chosen to encourage or promote amongst members, the spirit of unity and cooperation in all matters of interest to the pharmacy profession, to enhance the quality of pharmacy practice, and the well being of pharmacists individually and corporately. Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria also has an anthem, popularly known as the Pharmacy Anthem. The anthem is a relatively recent development. Prince Julius Adelusi-Adeluyi FPSN, a past president of the Society, composed it in 1977. The anthem is reproduced each year in the brochure of the Annual Conference and should be learnt by all pharmacists young or old.

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